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    Wholesale area is open 6 days a week

Ocean Made Chef – May 2019

Cured Spencer Gulf hiramasa kingfish with yuzu and saffron gel, sea succulents and koshu crème fraiche, wasabi leaf and freeze-dried kimchi

David Ricardo & Gareth Wisneski , Marriner Theatre Group

Serves 4

“It’s something we debuted during this year’s Melbourne Food and Wine Festival and we’re proud of it”



  1. Slice the kingfish fillet in half lengthways. Discard the bloodline, and remove the belly and reserve for another use.
  2. Combine the sugar and salt then rub generously over the fish, ensuring the fish is evenly covered all over.
  3. Wrap in cling film then refrigerate for 4-6 hours to cure. Once cured, wash the fish and pat dry.
  4. Keep refrigerated until required.

Yuzu Gel

  1. Place water, sugar, saffron threads and lemon zest in a small pot and heat until the sugar dissolves.
  2. Add the agar agar and bring to the boil, reduce heat and simmer for a couple of minutes.
  3. Remove from the heat and place in a bowl set over an ice bath.
  4. Once set chop the jelly into small pieces and place in a blender. Start the blender and drizzle in the yuzu juice to form the gel.
  5. Transfer to a small squeeze bottle and set aside.

Koshu Crème Fraiche

  1. Lightly whip crème fraiche and fold the koshu paste in.

Freeze Dried Kimchi

  1. Use a spice grinder to mill 100g of the kimchi to a fine powder.
  2. Break the remaining 50g into pieces, approximately 2cm squares.

Yuzu Compressed Fennel

  1. Place all ingredients in a vacuum bag and vacuum seal to 100%.

To Finish

  1. Portion the cured kingfish into 5mm slices, then carefully gather it back together so it appears to be uncut.
  2. Dust the fish with the freeze-dried kimchi and set aside to come up to room temperature.
  3. Arrange three slices of the fish on a plate and dot some saffron & yuzu gel and koshu crème fraiche on and around the fish.
  4. Garnish with the ice plant, karalla, cucumber cylinders and compressed fennel.
  5. Dress the dish with the citrus oil and finish with the chiffonade of wasabi leaf, micro shiso and freeze-dried kimchi pieces.

About Chef

We have two chefs this month!
Marriner Theatre Group Executive Chef David Ricardo and Head Chef Gareth Wisneski have each created a recipe for us using seafood from Ocean Made. The Marriner Group owns and operates all the major theatres in Melbourne CBD, so there can be events for hundreds of people at a time.

David joined Marriner Group four years ago after working with the Lucas Group – who own ChinChin, GoGo Bar, Baby, Kong BBQ and Kisume – and Gareth is celebrating ten years with the Marriner Group this year.
David has been working with Ocean Made since 2003, “I’ve carried a lot of suppliers with me throughout my career,” he says, “and George and John have been amazing to me over the years so when I took on this role, I brought them with me.”

Gareth met the Ocean Made team when David took on the executive chef role, “They brought in a fresh perspective,” says Gareth. “They’re hands-on and so helpful, we love working with them.”

Why this recipe?

Gareth took on the Ocean Made Chef recipe and chose this Kingfish dish because, “it’s something we debuted during this year’s Melbourne Food and Wine Festival and we’re proud of it,” he says.

The inspiration was borne of a classic combination – seafood and citrus – and the team played around with ideas to, “give people flavours and textures they may not have tried before, like the addition of dried kimchi.”

David’s recipe for Ocean Made Easy is featured on our social media platforms, check it out.


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